Kings and Queens of Old England

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The 'Kings and Queens of Old England' are a curiously anthropomorphic series of miniatures I did in January 2006. They started accidentally, with a rather regal-looking half-frog lady, and developed along the same lines to various other wild animals, and one dog. I'm not sure where this series came from or where it was going - there was going to be at least one other 'king' to go with all the queens - a Jackdaw - but I ran out of time and other work needed doing. They they are tiny paintings, only 4x6 inches large, and so I was able to 'finish' them to a very high degree, and my aim really became simply to create a selection of slightly disturbing 'portraits' pretty much for fun, with for once no real plot or story behind them - in fact the lack of an actual background 'story' adds to their mysterious quality. It's a series I may get back to one day.

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