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This is a list of all the individual images on this site, and a few groups are listed individually, too, like the Gold Fairies and the Permanent Sketches. All listed alphabetically - click on the letters to skip to where you want to go.

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3² Pythagorean Ladies


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Poison Flower Fairies: Aconitum Napellus, the Monkshood Fairy
The Adoration of Cake
The Adoration of Wine
The Adventurous Outing
All's Fair
Alternative Flower Fairies
Amorous Dragon
Angel Delight
Angelic Champagne 2
April Showers?
Arctic Mermaids
Arthur in Egypt
The Ashtray Overnight
Away with the Dandelions


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Bad Bad Pussy
The Bank Holiday Fairy
Christmas 2004: Bauble
Ben and Claire's Wedding Painting
Better the Last Smile than the First Laughter
Bird with ringlets
Bitches from Hell
Bloody Mary
Bronzed Mermaid
Bull Baiting


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Cake Ballet
Cephalopod Canapés
Christmas 1995: Cerberus
Christmas 1993: Cherubs
Clevedon Mermaids
Cocktails with the Nouveaux Morts
Coffee Break
Christmas 1996: Cracker
Crimson Masquerade


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Daisy Boots
Daisy Chain
Daisy Chopper
Dancing Fates
Dancing on Fairy Cakes
Dancing with the Minotaur
Death by Chocolate
The Decoy
Demon Baubles
Christmas 2005: Demon Drink
Demons in a Coaster 2
Demons in a Coaster 6
Demons in a Coaster 10
Demons in a Coaster 13
Demons in a Coaster 14
Demons in a Coaster 16
Demons in a Coaster 18
Demons in a Coaster 23
Demons in a Coaster 24
Demons in a Coaster 25
Demons in a Coaster 27
Demons in a Coaster 30
Demons in a Coaster 32
Demons in a Coaster 33
Demons in a Coaster 35
Demons in a Coaster 37
Demons in a Coaster 39
Demons in a Coaster 42
Demons in a Coaster 44
Demons in a Coaster 46
Demons in a Coaster 48
Demons in a Coaster 50
Demons in a Coaster 52
Demons in a Coaster 53
Demons in a Coaster 54
Demons in a Coaster 57
The Devil, a Long Spoon, and a Serious Error of Judgement
Christmas 1994: Devil Santa
Devils' Tea Party
Christmas 2012: Diabolical Dancing
The Diabolical Socks
Digitalis Purpurea, the Foxglove Fairy
Dinner for Two
Dinner Guests
Djinn Bottle
DNA Angels II
The Dog King
Dog on a Broomstick
Doll's House
Don't Try This At Home
Dragon Babies
Dragon Bouquet
Dragon Bus
Drinking Girls
Drinking Nudes
Dukes of Hell


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Eat, Drink, and be Merry
Escher's Crackers
Poison Flower Fairies: Euphorbia Lathyris, Fairy of the Caper Spurge
Extreme Clothing


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Fairy Cakes I
Fairy Cakes II
Fairy Etching 1
Fairy Gossip
The Fairy Mirror
Fairy Queen's Chariot
Fairy Wine
Fairycake Thief
February Dreams
Five Aces
Five Spots on a Dice
Flaming Sambuca
The Flower Fairies go to Seed: Runner Beans
The Flower Fairies run to Seed: Pumpkin
The Flower Fairies run to Seed: Rose
For the Fairest
The Frog Gimp
Frog Queen
Frolicking Fairies


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Christmas 2000: Gargoyle
The Gatecrasher
Ghost Girl
Gilded Lilies
Girl with curls
The Gold Fairies
Gold Fairy 6
Gold Fairy 10
Gold Fairy 16
Gold Fairy 17
Gold Fairy 18
Gold Fairy 19
Gold Fairy 20
Gold Fairy 21
Gold Fairy 23
Gold Fairy 24
Gold Fairy 27
Gold Fairy 28
Gold Fairy 29
Gold Fairy 30
Gold Fairy 31
Gold Fairy 32
Gold Fairy 33
Gold Fairy 34
Gold Fairy 35
Gold Fairy 36
Gold Fairy 38
Gold Fairy 40
Gold Fairy 41
Gold Fairy 42
Gold Fairy 43
Gold Fairy 45
Gold Fairy 46
Gold Fairy 51
Gold Fairy 52
Gold Fairy 53
Gold Fairy 54
Gold Fairy 55
Gold Fairy 56
Gold Fairy 57
Gold Fairy 58
Gold Fairy 59
Gold Fairy 60
Gold Fairy 61
Gold Fairy 62
Gold Fairy 64
Goldilocks and the Three Bearskins
Absinthe, or The Green Fairy
Christmas 2010: Green Monsters in Party Hats
Greyhound Racing
Guardian Angel
The Guilty Party
The Guilty Party II


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The Harvest
Head of Medusa, still attached
Hephaestus' Trap
The Homebrew
The Honey Thieves


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Christmas 2008: In the Naughty Cupboard
The Infernal Gallop
The Intrepid Explorer
Is She Or Isn't She?


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Janus Medusa


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Kings and Queens of Old England


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Learning to Fly: part I
Learning to Fly: part II
Learning to Fly: part III
Life Drawing
Life Drawing Sketch 12/1/13 e
Life Drawing Sketch 18/5/13 j
life Drawing Sketch 2008-10
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-6
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-9
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-34
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-37
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-47
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-48
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-52
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-55
Life Drawing Sketch 2009-56
life Drawing Sketch 2009-60
Life Drawing 2009-68
Life Drawing 2009-73
Life Drawing 2009-79
Life Drawing 2009-80
Life Drawing 2009-81
Life Drawing 2009-82
Life Drawing 2009-86
Life Drawing 2009-88
Life Drawing 2009-89
Life Drawing 2009-90
Life Drawing 2010-8
Life Drawing 2010-9
Life Drawing 2010-17
Life Drawing 2010-18
Life Drawing 2010-19
Life Drawing 2010-25
Life Drawing 2010-26
Life Drawing 2010-29
Life Drawing 2010-30
Life Drawing Sketch 2010-43
Life Drawing Sketch 2010-44
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-5
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-6
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-7
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-8
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-10
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-13
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-14
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-15
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-17
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-18
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-21
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-22
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-23
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-24
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-31
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-32
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-34
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-36
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-37
Life Drawing Sketch 2011-38
Life Drawing Sketch 2012-03
Life Drawing Sketch 2012-04
Life Drawing Sketch 27/4/13 c
Life Drawing Sketch 27/4/13 d
Life Drawing Sketch 27/04/13 f
Life Drawing Sketch 27/4/13 h
Life Drawing Sketch 27/4/13 i
Little Red Ridinghood Gets Even
Long Distance Call


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Mad September Moon Dance
Maidmers on the Beach
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Masquerade 1: Being Monsters
Masquerade 2: Being People
The Master Plan
Medusa and Oedipus (the Gorgon's New Man)
Medusa and the Hairdryer
Medusa and the Pumpkins
Medusa at Beltaine
Medusa in England
Medusa in Modesty
Medusa in the Long Grass
Medusa in the Plum Tree
Medusa in Venus' Bedroom
Medusa, Scarecrow
Medusa Veiled
Medusa's Comb
Medusa's Gimps
Medusa's Hammock
Medusa's Ribbon
Small Mezzotints
Christmas 2001: Mistletoe
The Mistress-Plan
Mole Hills
The Monsters who wanted my Ice Cream
Moonlit February
Mrs Cyclops, Lately Widowed
Mrs Minotaur II
Ms Arachne's Residence
A Murder of Crows
Murky Depths illustration: So this is Mi
Murky Depths illustration: Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Murky Depths Illustration: The Glory of the Empire
Murky Depths Illustration: Heart of Clay
Murky Depths Illustration: Helena & Louise
Murky Depths Illustration: Werewolf
Murky Depths Illustration: Soul Music
Murky Depths Illustration: The Longest Road in the Universe
Murky Depths Illustration: An Unforseen Legacy 1
Murky Depths Illustration: An Unforseen Legacy 2
Mushroom Residence


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Nice Apple
Poison Flower Fairies: Nicotiana, the Tobacco Plant Fairy
November Leaves


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October Masquerade
Origami Mermaid 1
Origami Mermaid 2
Origami Mermaid 3
The Other Boxing Day Hunt


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Painted Devils
Painting Ladybirds
Paris' Dilemma
Party Animals
The Permanent Sketches
Permanent Sketch 4: Gargoyle on a Pillar 1
Permanent Sketch 5: Monocled Devil
Permanent Sketch 7: Sweet Dreams
Permanent Sketch 10: Spiky Pair
Permanent Sketch 13: Three Demons Drinking
Permanent Sketch 14: Devils and Dasies
Permanent Sketch 15: Mermaid with a Fat Cigar
Permanent Sketch 18: Studious Sphinx
Permanent Sketch 19: Six Arms
Permanent Sketch 21: Amused Demons
Permanent Sketch 22: Birds with Wine
Permanent Sketch 24: Rough Devil
Permanent Sketch 25: Naked Drinkers
Permanent Sketch 25b: Masked Couple
Permanent Sketch 27: Monster Wine Waiter
Permanent Sketch 29: Metallic Pink Angel
Permanent Sketch 31: Mermaid with a Book
Permanent Sketch 32: Fairy with a Stolen Bottle
Permanent Sketch 33: Seductive Monster
Permanent Sketch 37: Mermaid with a Glass
Permanent Sketch 38: Little Devil Wine Waiter
Permanent Sketch 40: Bouncy Fairy
Permanent Sketch 41: Two Fairies in Party Frocks
Permanent Sketch 42: Moonlight Fairy
Permanent Sketch 43: Little Orange Fairy
Permanent Sketch 44: Masked Nude 1
Permanent Sketch 45: Partying Demons
Permanent Sketch 46: Masked Nude 2
Permanent Sketch 47: Demoness in Party Gear
Permanent Sketch 48: Masked Nude 3
Permanent Sketch 49: Masked Nude 4
Permanent Sketch 51: Spiky Fairy
Permanent Sketch 52: Skinny She-Devil
Permanent Sketch 53: A Wand and a Mug of Tea
Permanent Sketch 54: Making Mischief
Permanent Sketch 55: Twilight Fairy
Permanent Sketch 56: Two Demons in Pink
Permanent Sketch 57: Windy Day
Permanent Sketch 58: Mermaid in Gold
Permanent Sketch 59: She-Devil with Admirers
Permanent Sketch 60: Two Masked Nudes
Permanent Sketch 61: Mischievous Sprite
Permanent Sketch 62: Meaningful Glances
Permanent Sketch 63: Angels in Stilettos
Permanent Sketch 64: Reclining Demon in Stockings
Permanent Sketch 65: Night Sprite
Permanent Sketch 66: Smelling the Daisies
Permanent Sketch 67: Tranquil Fairy
Permanent Sketch 68: Flirty Blue Fairy
Permanent Sketch 69: Pensive Fairy with a Daisy
Permanent Sketch 70: Cautious Red Fairy
Permanent Sketch 71: Formidable Fairy
Pet Bees
The Phallacy
Pineapple Eyeballs
Pistils and Stamens
Platinum Fairy 1
Platinum Fairy 2
Platinum Fairy 3
Platinum Fairy 4
Plughole Fairy
Predatory Birds
Pretty Pretty Light
Proverbs in Gold
Proverbs in Gold 1: 'Kill not the Goose that lays the Golden Egg'
Proverbs in Gold 2: 'The Devil catches most Souls with a Golden Net'
Proverbs in Gold 3: 'Better whole than patched in Gold'
Proverbs in Gold 4: 'A Man of Straw needs a Woman of Gold'
Proverbs in Gold 5: 'The Frog will jump back into the Pool, though it sits upon a Golden Stool'
Pulling Daisies


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Queen Bee
Queen of Slugs
A Quick Fag


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Raining Cats and Dogs
Rapunzel Reconstructed
The Rat Queen
Reclining Demon
Reclining Sphinx - sketch 1
Reclining Sphinx - sketch 2
Reclining Sphinx - sketch 3
Red Fairy Queen
Poison Flower Fairies: Ricinus Communis, the Fairy of the Castor Bean Plant
A Romantic Picnic, Spoiled by Mermaids
The Royal Wedding
Rubik's Cube
A Rude Intrusion
Christmas 2007: Rudolph's Revenge
The Rumour


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Scorpion Dip
Seven Birds on a Wire
Seven Deadly Sins go Clubbing
Seven Sins at the Seaside
Shark-infested Vol-au-Vents
She Devils and Hell Cats
Sherrie-jane: portrait of a Lingerie Fairy
Christmas 1997: Shopping Trolley
Sirens on the Rocks
Sitting on the Daisies
Sitting on the Toadstools
The Sleepers
Sleeping Beauty
A Slight Misunderstanding
Smiling from Ear to Ear
Snails with Butter and Garlic
Soul of a Witch
Christmas 2002: The Spanking Fairy
The Sphinx changes the Rules
Spring Snakelings
Stain Devil Coaster 1
Stain Devil Coaster 2
Stain Devil Coaster 3
Stain Devil Coaster 4
Stain Devil Coaster 5
Stain Devil Coaster 6
Stain Devil Coaster 7
Stain Devil Coaster 18
Stain Devil Coaster 19
Stain Devil Coaster 20
Stain Devil Coaster 21
Stain Devil Coaster 24
Stain Devil Coaster 26
Stain Devil Coaster 30
Stain Devil Coaster 31
Stain Devil Coaster 32
Stain Devil Coaster 33
Stain Devil Coaster 35
Stain Devil Coaster 36
Stain Devil Coaster 37
Stain Devil Coaster 38
Stain Devil Coaster 40
Stain Devil Coaster 42
Stain Devil Coaster 44
Stain Devil Coaster 53
Stain Devil Coaster 54
Stain Devil Coaster 55
Stain Devil Coaster 56
Stain Devil Coaster 57
Stain Devil Coaster 59
Stain Devil Coaster 65
Stain Devil Coaster 66
Stain Devil Coaster 68
Stain Devil Coaster 71
Stain Devil Coaster 72
Stain Devil Coaster 73
Stain Devil Coaster 76
Stain Devil Coaster 78
Stain Devil Coaster 79
Stain Devil Coaster 80
Stain Devil Coaster 82
Stain Devil Coaster 88
Stain Devil Coaster 91
Stain Devil Coaster 92
Stain Devil Coaster 93
Stain Devil Coaster 94
Stain Devil Coaster 95
Stain Devil Coaster 100
Stain Devil Coaster 101
Stain Devil Coaster 102
Stain Devil Coaster 103
Stain Devil Coaster 105
Stain Devil Coaster 107
Stain Devil Coaster 108
Stain Devil Coaster 109
Stain Devil Coaster 110
Stain Devil Coaster 111
Stain Devil Coaster 112
Stain Devil Coaster 113
Stain Devil Coaster 114
Stain Devil Coaster 116
Stain Devil Coaster 141
Stain Devil Coaster 142
Stain Devil Coaster 143
Christmas 1999: Star
Starlit Kiss
Christmas 2003: Strip Joint
Stuffed Toadstools
Sunflower Bower


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Tattooed Fairy
The Tattooist
Tea on the Lawn
Tea Time Fairy
Tetanus Nests
The Naked Masquerade
Things that are not There
Three Masked Girls
Three Wise Angels
Three Wise Fairies
The Tooth Fairy
Trash Fairy
Christmas 2006: Trouble with Fairy Lights
Two Angels and a Seagull
Two Faced
Two Mermaids and a Maidmer


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Unrighteous Indignation
The Unwelcome Visitor
Urtica Dioica, Stinging Nettle Fairies


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The View
Vincent: portrait of a retired Demon


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Watering the Pot Plants
The Weather
Christmas 1998: What Happened on Boxing Day
What to wear?
Wine and Glances
Wine, Women and Cats
Wise Ugly Yellow Fairy
The Wrong Bar: part 2
The Wrong Cocktail Bar

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