Medusa in Modesty

Artwork details: gouache, 12 x 8 inches (30 x 20 cm), 2007.

Medusa in Modesty - whole picture
Medusa in Modesty

Another painting of Medusa. This is painting number 5 to date, though I haven't painted Medusa in a couple of years so it was overdue. This time, however, I thought I would address the delicate issue of Medusa's pubic hair - or pubic snakes, as it were. No one else seems to have considered this quite obvious question. If course this would lead one to wonder if the poor girl also has underarm snakes, too. One can only assume this to be the lamentable truth of the matter, however, I assume she shaves them off. Underarm snakes really would be a trifle unpleasant, not to mention the trouble they could cause trying to put on a bra in the morning.

Medusa in Modesty - detail
Medusa in Modesty - close-up

Of course one should not forget that Medusa is the original Femme Fatale, so I've painted her not only delicately covering her - ahem - modesty, but also the snakes conceal her deadly gaze. Behind her in the distance are those unfortunates who did look on Medusa, and have been turned to stone. At least one can only assume it was Medusa's face that caused such a shock...

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