October Masquerade

Artwork details: gouache, 13 x 19.5 inches (33 x 50 cm), 2012.

'The October Masquerade' - close-up 4

This was the October picture for my all-fairy 2012 calender. October, the 10th month, had to have 10 fairies in it, the pumpkin was only logical, and after that the composition really dictated itself. The pumpkin and the fairies, as you can see, are all the same colour - I liked the idea that these pumpkin fairies were some how not just on the pumpkin, but of the pumpkin. This way they are slightly sinister and are a quite different kind of fairy from the pumpkin fairy in my 'Flower Fairies go to Seed' series.

Below are a few details:

'The October Masquerade' - close-up 1 'The October Masquerade' - close-up 2 'The October Masquerade' - close-up 3

And here (below) is the entire painting. The large blank sky was designed to accommodate the calendar dates, but I think that it fits rather well with the composition, so i left it in when I had the painting framed: pumpkins are rather squat heavy things that tend to occupy the ground and leave a lot of room for the sky... even though, as an occasional grower of pumpkins, I must admit that the plants do have ambitions to climb.

'The October Masquerade' - painting in gouache by Nancy Farmer

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