The Ashtray Overnight

Artwork details: gouache, 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm), 2005.

Ever leave an ashtray out overnight without tipping the contents in the bin and shutting the lid on it, only to find next morning that the whole room stinks of cigarettes?

Detail of 'The Ashtray Overnight' painting by Nancy Farmer
The Ashtray Overnight

Well this painting shows the little fairy who's the cause if it. Leave a nice warm ashtray out overnight and you'll find this disreputable individual moving into it - and into your sittingroom!

This is a fairy not to be trusted, she has some rather unpleasant habits, and once she moves in, she is difficult to shift. Though gray and ashy she nonetheless has a certain dusty glamour, proving once again that smoking (lamentably) makes you look cool...

Fairy Art by Nancy Farmer: 'The Ashtray Overnight'
The Ashtray Overnight

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