Dancing with the Minotaur

Artwork details: gouache, 11 x 14 inches (28 x 36 cm), 2007.

'Dancing with the Minotaur' - painting by Nancy Farmer
Dancing with the Minotaur

At some point I might actually have to paint the Minotaur's face - people have asked me why I've not done this before - it's kind of because the subject is Mrs Minotaur - and the real Minotaur is kind of just background to her. If this seems unfair, just have a look and see how many paintings of the Minotaur you can find on the internet, and how many of Mrs Minotaur - and I don't care if she didn't really exist - that's not the point, I'm simply adjusting the balance a little...

'Dancing with the Minotaur' - close-up of painting
Dancing with the Minotaur

More of Mrs Minotaur:

This is becoming something of a theme lately (being, at time of writing, the third Mrs Minotaur painting in a row). Click the thumbnails to see the other two paintings. I had even thought that there might be a small and somewhat disturbing Minotaur child at some point - the progeny of these two - though it hasn't happened yet.

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