Party Faces

Artwork details: 3 drawings in pencil and coloured pencil, 4 x 10 inches (10 x 25 cm), 2006.

This was a triptych I did especially for Bridgwater Arts Centre's 'Celebration' Christmas exhibition. A Masquerade seemed an appropriate subject, while giving me the freedom to create something a little disturbing at the same time.

'Party Faces 1'
Party Faces 1
'Party Faces 2'
Party Faces 2
'Party Faces 3'
Party Faces 3

Later on I expanded the idea into two much larger pictures called 'Masquerade 1: Being Monsters' and 'Masquerade 2: Being People' - 'being monsters' was a simple concept just like the pictures above, where the party-goers have grotesque masks, but then I thought a counterpart was needed, because maybe monsters have fancy-dress parties as well, and like to go dressed as people... anyway, you click the titles (or the thumbnail) to see those paintings)

All images and prints are © Nancy Farmer. Please email me if you wish to reproduce any of these images, or see my permissions page in the 'info' section.

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