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I retain the copyright of any artwork sold, unless otherwise agreed by a specific written contract. Ownership of a print or original does not give you the right to make copies of it and distribute them. However, I do allow people to use my artwork under certain circumstances. If you want to use my artwork for any reason, please have a look at my permissions page first, and if that doesn't answer your questions or you want to know more then please email me.

Buying from this site

Prints etc:

I have a shopping cart set up on this shop, which should allow you to purchase things using a variety of payment methods (see below). Click the 'Buy Me' buttons to add anything to the cart. If you have any problems using the shopping cart, by all means contact me and I can complete an order for you personally.

Original artwork:

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing any original artwork, or, if there is a shopping cart button next to the item you wish to buy, you are welcome to buy through the shopping cart; however, please see the note below.

Original artwork and the shopping cart system:

Please be aware that there is no automatic stock control on this website. If someone buys an original artwork I have to manually set the item as sold and update the website myself. This may occasionally mean that items which are shown as available for sale are no longer available, and I have not had time to update the site. In the case of two people attempting to buy the same item I will deal with this strictly on a first-past-the-post basis. This is one of the reasons that I will not usually add the automatic 'Buy Me' buttons for original artwork, however, I may do so with small items. Any item bought through the shopping cart, which subsequently turns out to have been unavailable, will be refunded in full. I apologise in advance for any confusion or inconvenience that this may cause, and endeavour to keep the website as up to date as possible.

Shopping cart contents:

This can always be viewed by clicking the 'View Cart' button below the menu on the left hand side of almost every page of this site.


The shopping cart payment facilities are secure and encrypted and do not run on my website. Whose facilities you are using when you purchase will depend on which payment method you use. Below are the security pages for various companies that I use, all of whom use SSL encryption:

I do not handle your payment details, and any details that I do handle, such as your email address and home address, will not be passed on by me to anyone else.

Payment methods

Credit cards:

I can accept credit card payment via Nochex, for which you don't need to have a Nochex account yourself. However I currently have a limit of 250 per person per card if you do not yourself have a Nochex account. If you want to use a credit card to pay for a larger amount, please contact me first.

Nochex, Paypal & Google Checkout:

I also accept payment via any of the above methods. Both Nochex and Paypal will accept credit cards without your having to open an account with them (however see note above). Google Checkout cannot be used without first opening an account with them.

Cheque / postal orders:

I also accept payments by cheque (check) or postal order, provided they are in Pounds Sterling ONLY. Please make payable to V N Farmer. If you send me a cheque or postal order I will email you as soon as possible to notify you of the receipt of your payment.

Direct bank transfer:

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, this is also possible. Please email me to arrange this, but please read the following:

For UK banks there should not be any problem at all. For banks dealing in Euros, I will not be charged a fee for receiving the money, though you may be charged for sending it, so please check first. For non-UK and non-Euro banks you will probably be charged a fee, and so will I, so this is never a good way of sending small payments, though it is feasible for large amounts.

You can either email me your order or, if you wish to put a payment through the shop first, select 'payment by cheque', and then email me for bank details.

Pick-up / pay in person:

I'm happy to arrange for you to pick up an item and pay in person, please email me to arrange this.


Prints, cards and other replaceable items:

I ship inland by Royal Mail First or Second Class post depending on weight, and overseas by Airmail. I will guarantee to replace or refund any item lost or damaged during shipping, as long as you contact me within a reasonable time. Preferably within a week, though I understand there may be times when this is not possible. I don't generally send parcels of low value with tracking or insurance because I find that very few items are lost in the post and anything lost is at least covered by Royal Mail's minimum insurance with proof of posting. And since I will replace or refund lost items myself it would not benefit you to have the package insured, it will simply cost you more. However if you insist, I can arrange to charge you more and add insurance.

I may add tracking and insurance to large orders at my own discretion and at no extra cost.

Original artwork:

Shipping of originals is considered case-by-case. Originals are always with shipped with insurance unless the value of the original is very low (eg. in the case of pin-back buttons and coasters with original drawings in them). In this case they will still be covered by the default minimum postal insurance that exists on all packages and letters (which is equal to 100x the value of a first class stamp). In any case I will refund the value of the item if it is lost or damaged during shipping.

Please note that almost all my original artwork is framed, with glass in front, and that this is a problem when it comes to shipping. Ordinary carriers will not insure against broken glass, or subsequent damage caused by the broken glass. Very small framed pictures are usually safe enough, but with larger pieces it is usually too risky to ship with the picture in the frame. In many cases I am willing to remove the picture from the frame, and either ship the picture without its frame, or with the frame but packed separately. Depending on the distance and the value of the picture, I may be able to deliver personally, and I can always arrange for you to pick up an original in person.


If you are not happy with an item for any reason, please contact me. I will do my best to put the problem right. Below are some guidelines.

Damaged items:

I will replace or refund items damaged or lost in the post. Damaged items may occasionally be replaced without first being returned, unless they are limited edition prints, which must be returned even if damaged. I will refund the return shipping if you do have to return a damaged item.

Items that you do not want:

I will also accept returns on items that you do not want, if they are returned to me undamaged, and provided that you contact me within 5 working days of receiving them. I will generally refund the value of the item, though I reserve the right to issue a credit note. Please note also that though I will usually refund the cost of the item I will not usually refund the shipping cost.

Anything else

If you have any questions, please contact me.