Newsletter 22nd October ’05

Hi! just a quick email...

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Hi there
pretty much all I was going to send in this email was my best wishes for the season - I hadn't really intended a newsletter at all. But I have one or two other new things to mention - one of them equally seasonal - and it's been nearly a couple of months since I last managed a newsletter, so here goes...

This Newsletter covers both my painting and photographic work - if you've only seen one of my websites, here they both are:
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The Fetishdollies get up to no good again...

Finally, I did a few more pictures with the dolls, rather prompted by the thought that I'd acquired a dolly-sized Christmas tree just after last Christmas, and it was going to be a whole year before I could justifiably use it again. The result is up on the site, go to the new work page or the film gallery and have a look at 'Toys for the Girls' - a festive little cautionary tale upon the dangers of buying cheap and nasty toys...

Toys for the Girls Toys for the Girls Toys for the Girls Toys for the Girls

'Toys for the Girls'

New Drawing...

I was reminded the other day that I'd mentioned something about Greek Mythology in the last newsletter, so there is what I was talking about. Quite possibly I've never spent so long on a single drawing before - although the Wrong Cocktail Bar drawings did come close.
This is a scene from a Greek legend so may need a little explaining:
There's a wedding - of Peleus and Thetis, parents of Achilles - and of all the immortals only one goddess, Eris, was not invited. Of course as we know they are a squabbling lot at the best of times, but she is apparently such a troublemaker no one waantes her there. So naturally she gets offended and turns up, with a gift of a golden apple, labelled 'For the Fairest'. She throws it amongst the wedding guests and runs away. This causes the most almighty row between the three most important goddesses, Athene, Aphrodite and Hera, who are all of course as vain as anything.
This is the background behind this particular picture, although as it happens the story has far worse repercussions because in the end the three goddesses pick on a poor mortal to chose which of them should have the apple - they ask Paris - but all offer bribes as well and Paris falls for Aphrodite's bribe, who says he can have the fairest woman in the world for his wife (actually she doesn't quite say that but that's the way it ends up) - and that's Helen - so this is the start of the whole Helen of Troy disaster...
There may be another picture in here somewhere.

To see a slightly bigger version (and close-up) visit the page on my website here.

For the Fairest

For the Fairest


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That's all for now...
have a great Christmas

Nancy Farmer
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