Newsletter 31st August ’05

Thought I should fire off a quick newsletter as I have an exhibition to hang on Monday…
Once again... please email me back and tell me so if you don’t want to receive this and I’ll take you straight off the list.
This Newsletter covers both my painting and photographic work - if you've only seen one of my websites, here they both are:
Visit my gallery of Paintings at Visit the Dolls’ website (photographs) at

News & New Stuff

Exhibition at Strode Theatre, Street, Somerset:

Don't feel left out if you've not heard about a private view for this one - there is no private view - sorry! - but it does run for almost two months, so if you are passing, pop in. On performance nights there's a handy bar there, too. The Exhibition goes up on Monday 5th September, so it doesn't properly open until the 6th. This is again an exhibition of both my work and Lucy Hinds' - if you've not seen Lucy's wall hangings before there are a few on my site (and one on my dining room wall...) - go to my Exhibitions page and follow the link to Lucy's work.

Recent Paintings:

My second circular painting ever - Fishwife - I added to the website gallery about 3 weeks ago. I'm afraid there's nothing new I can show you yet - it's not that I've done nothing else, but the last painting has suddenly become the image for my Christmas cards this year - yes I know Christmas gets earlier every year but this is the first time I've managed to time it with the printer's 'Summer Sale'! Anyway, the Christmas image has been traditionally kept out of sight and off the website until the last moment, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait for that one...

This is 'Fishwife'
Orginal size 12 inches diameter. Limited edition prints available.


Go to Fishwife in the 'Gallery' to see it in larger detail. This was one of those rare occasions when I have to paint to fit a frame, and not the other way round - round frames being hard to come by in anything but very limited sizes.

Below is the sequel to 'The Wrong Cocktail Bar' - one demon and 10 'normal' people (yes I can count, but the bloke on the end got left out in order to show this close-up a little larger) - that was hard work I can tell you - I'd rather draw demons than 'normal' people any day of the week....This is The Wrong Bar: Part 2 - I had to drop the 'cocktail' part in this title, owing to a distinct lack of cocktails....
If you are viewing this on a small screen you may not see the full width of the image. The full image is in the gallery - click the title to go there.

The Wrong Bar: part 2

A detail of The Wrong Bar: Part 2 - click the title to see the full image in the gallery.

The whole print is going to be available as a limited edition at the full size of about 16x21 inches - sorry no smaller prints of this one.


I'm discontinuing most of the photographic prints I've been doing for so long, as I have a lovely shiny new printer so I can print gallery quality prints on at home. When the new version of the paintings website goes up all the new prints information will be up there, but at present please email me if you want to know anything. The remaining photo prints I'll still be selling on ebay (and my website) until they run out. I've also added 'Fishwife' and 'The Wrong Bar: Part 2' to my list of limited editions.

Fetishdollies continue to do the housework...

Action Man cheerfully lent a hand (and a lot of elbow grease) to the housework chores - actually he's the only one who can kneel down properly, hence the change in doll. For complete authentic detail he actually has furniture polish in that tin - rather a shame it never got captured on camera - I tried!
See 'New Work' on the dolls website to find these pictures, or go to the 'photo gallery' on the main menu.

polishing the floor

I also had a plan to take the dolls to the seaside, but rather thought August bank holiday would not be the time to do it, so that one's on the 'to-do' list for the moment - they won't complain if I take them in January, after all...


Exhibitions I have booked are listed below. I may again be at the Skin Two Expo at the Barbican (London) in October, but nothing definite on that yet. Email me or check the exhibitions pages in a while if you want to know.

Strode Theatre

6th September - 31st October 2005
Joint exhibition also with Lucy Hinds.
Strode Theatre, Strode College, Church Rd., Street, Somerset BA16 0AB,

The Guild of Erotic Artists

Monthly event days at: Beaumont Hall Studios,Beaumont Hall lane, Redbourn Rd, St Albans, Herts, AL3 6RN
Next event is Sunday September 18th (Admission to over 18s only)
For more information please visit or contact me for details and a map of how to get there.

Erotica 2005, Olympia, London

17th- 20th November
I intend to display a combination of some of the more suitable paintings, along with the Fetishdollies photos. I have booked a little more space than last year, to do both groups of work a little more justice. For more information and tickets go to:


Here are the links for my ebay listings:
prints of my painted work or search for seller id nancy_farmer
prints of the doll pictures or search for seller id fetishdollies

That's about it for now - anything else you want to know, email me...
take care

Nancy Farmer
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