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The 'Drinking Girls' are of course not very girly at all, but they all have a drink and, I hope, an occasional twist of the unexpected. I have gone through most of the obvious parings of mythical creatures with their drinks, though there is plenty of scope for more if I get round to it. I rather wanted to add a Sphinx, at some point. At 4 and a half inches square it takes some time working out how to make the most of the space and to date these are my smallest paintings.

'Kings and Queens of Old England'Are a curiously anthropomorphic series of miniatures I did in January 2006. They started accidentally, with a rather regal-looking half-frog lady, and developed along the same lines to various other wild animals, and one dog. I'm not sure where this series came from or where it was going - there was going to be at least one other 'king' to go with all the queens - a Jackdaw - but I ran out of time and other work needed doing. They they are tiny paintings, only 4x6 inches large, and so I was able to 'finish' them to a very high degree, and my aim really became simply to create a selection of slightly disturbing 'portraits' pretty much for fun, with for once no real plot or story behind them.

All images © Nancy Farmer. Please email me if you wish to reproduce any of these images, or see my permissions page in the 'info' section. Paintings & drawings by Nancy Farmer, UK artist - Myth and fact, fairies and monsters, fetish and fantasy, with a little reality thrown in for good measure. And always art with humour.